Guide: The Best Social Media Platforms for your Business

guide_to_social_platforms_2As a business owner, you know that maintaining many social media sites can be very
tedious.  This guide aims to help you choose which sites that will work best for your
business, meets your business goals and will enable you to engage with your customers


Follow Us on Facebook
Facebook is still the most popular platform with about 1.19 billion and counting users worldwide and with those most evenly distributed demographics compared to the rest. Although Facebook is not the best tool for sales generation, it can boost brand awareness. It can also help you target customers through the Facebook Advertising Tool – as it helps you filter not only by demographics but other details such as job and other personal details that can help you get the right customers. Lastly, be aware that there are less usage of Facebook amongst teens especially when parents or adults started using it too hence, if you want to target teen customers, you may want to focus on Instagram or Snapchat as this is a more popular platform for them.
What to share?
• Regularly post images of products/services that you offer.
• Post promos, discounts, contests and coupons if available.
• Post relevant articles/news/call-to-action that can engage followers.
Post Frequency:
Once or Twice a day
• Posts with picture can generate more attention and engagement by 120%
• Keep text posts shorter than 250 characters to keep audiences engaged.
• Thursday and Friday are known to be the best days to post than other days of the
• Call-to-action posts have better chances of engagement from customers than nonquestion posts.
Which businesses should be in Facebook?
Any type of business should have a Facebook Page since they are still the most widely-used platform; it can increase sales indirectly through brand awareness and customer engagements. You can increase Facebook likes by having a contest, available downloadable coupons, and Facebook ads and even ‘Like’ buttons on blogs and websites.

LinkedinCheck Out Our CEO’s Profile on Linkedin
Coming in second as the most popular platform is LinkedIn – they are dubbed as the ‘professional social network’ because it is where professionals and businesses-alike join and engage. With 38% of users with an income of more than $75k and 79% of its age group are 35 and older, making it a perfect platform for working successful adults.
Despite the popularity, only about 13% of its users login daily and are active – most users only login when seeking professional opportunities, advice, network and business partners hence it is not a platform where users check on religiously compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and that could mean this is not the best platform for businesses but can help companies get the best people they want to work with.
What to share?
As mentioned, low maintenance is required from LinkedIn. Create an updated profile, clearly state what your business is and products/services that you offer. Post simple news/articles that can catch users’ attention, this way, you can start engaging them. Join Groups with members that are your targeted demographics.
Post Frequency:
Two to Four times a week
There are lots of LinkedIn groups you may join to engage other users and create business awareness but prior joining a group, check the demographics of the group, if it matches
your target demographics and if it is still an active group to avoid wasted marketing time
and effort.
Which businesses should be in LinkedIn?
All individual professionals involved in the business and businesses that offer professional services but less effort can be devoted to LinkedIn, just ensure your info is always up-todate. It is best for freelancers, bloggers and designers to show credibility. It is still best for businesses to spend more time on revenue-generating platforms.


Follow Us on Pinterest
Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform, with 21% of adults in the US are using it and 84% of those are female. It is interesting to note that Pinterest has the second highest percentage of internet users in the 50,000+/year income bracket and 34% with 100,000+/year income.  With this, Pinterest is best ROI for businesses that fit its demographic base with 70% of its users, use the platform to look for inspiration on what to buy compared to other platforms such as Facebook.  Pinterest is perfect for ecommerce because each pin from users given to your post means free marketing or advertisement and could lead them to visit your page or website. Remember that Pinterest is never ending and users tend to just keep scrolling and pin everything that interests them. It is simple because as long as your product matches the search keyword of the users, it will appear on their feed – that simple!
What to share?
Post products and services that users can pin – you may create interesting photos, collage, sample picture of a product, list of services and link them all to your page or website where they can learn more about your business and your products. Ensure to be wise on picking the keywords you will use so that your images would appear on users’ feed and get a greater chance of getting pinned.
Post Frequency:
Multiple times per day
For businesses looking to get sales through Pinterest, it is best to use ‘product pins’ which
include more business links, price, availability and where you can purchase the product.
Which businesses should be in Pinterest?
Do-It-Yourself stores, crafts, home-hardware, fashion, photographers and jewellers are the best type of businesses or entrepreneurs who can leverage on Pinterest – as you can see; they are leaning towards female interests since Pinterest is a female-dominated platform.


Follow Us on Twitter @hi_yahh
It is surprising to know that despite Twitter’s popularity – they only come in fourth in terms of usage with only 18% of adults in US are using it. However, Twitter users log in more frequently compared to other platforms.  Users tend to follow celebrities, brands and other users to get to know the latest and be up-to-date on what’s going on. They also do it to join contests, get exclusive discounts and offers so remember that Twitter is a good platform to give your offers a push.
What to share?
Tweets will most likely be articles, a product/service post with a link that will lead the users to more information regarding your product/service. It can also be a quick preview on deals and offers and announcements regarding upcoming exclusive discounts or new
Post Frequency:
Multiple times per day
Twitter now shows images along with the tweets so just like Facebook – posts with images get more user engagement meaning greater chances of retweets, replies and favorites.
Which businesses should be in Twitter?
Twitter is obviously for businesses in the news industry including publications, marketing companies and sports-related businesses and the reason behind that is Twitter is usually the go-to platform for the latest and hottest updates currently hence if your business works that way, Twitter is the best platform for you to reach your target audience and customers.

instagram-iconFollow Us on Instagram @NinjaDoll
Coming in fifth is Instagram but despite this, they have the second-most devoted users, with 56% of users logging in daily which is 11% higher than Twitter and only 6% behind Facebook.  The demographics of Instagram are composed of only 17% adults but with 43% in the age of 18-29.
What to share?
Instagram posts are creatively taken product/service shots with equally catchy captions. Businesses usually have dedicated Hashtags so people searching on using that Hashtag
can filter/see the rest of Instagram related post about your business or product.
Post Frequency:
Once a day
Since Instagram lean towards users rather than businesses – you can have an Instagram photo contest where users can take a picture of your product/service and then decide on a specific Hashtag so you can see all of the entries. This can help boost your company’s popularity and you can even have future pictures that you can repost to recognize
Which businesses should be in Instagram?
Businesses in the Food and Fashion industry can benefit well in using Instagram, as well as, architecture, designers and technology business. Keep in mind that businesses that are targeting the 18-29 age-demographic should also use Instagram as one of their main platforms to promote their business.  Post fun and creative images that will interest your followers may it be the fun things you do, behind the scenes and your office environment, use fun props and the lighter side of your business to make it more relatable. Also, keep trends and latest in check with the help of Twitter as well.

Google-plus-iconFind me on Google+  Google+ is a ghost town.  No one uses it.  It’s only for nerds.  Or at least, that’s what most people who have never tried it think.  However, Google+ is a thriving and robust hub of social interaction that many people, including myself, use as their primary social media platform.  It’s the social layer that ties all of Google’s various services, such as Gmail, YouTube, Photos, Drive, and Maps, together.  In addition, connecting your website to your Google+ profile gives you authorship credibility and can boost your SEO scores.  Google+ users are 67% male and the majority of that percentage is in the technical engineering fields with the average age of 28.  Although the platform has over 500+ million users, only over 300 million are active and a chunk of it is logged in because of YouTube.  Google+ is best for sharing content because it has features like Google Hangout which allows video conferencing, Circles and Communities for easy sharing that makes brand awareness and content marketing simple.
What to share?
Google+ is on the formal and professional kinds of post and Hashtags are crucial for search value
Post Frequency:
Once or twice day
• Including social share buttons or a toolbar on your site’s pages can increase post popularity by 700%.
• Google+ is one of the most important factors in determining SEO.
Which businesses should be in Google+?
Since the demographics of Google+ are in tech and engineering fields this means
businesses like tech and engineering companies and even marketing companies can
benefit using Google+, keep in mind that Google+ are mostly male professionals. All
businesses where is SEO is crucial in acquiring customers. As well all know Android,
Mashable and Chrome are the top three brands currently dominating Google+ with Android the largest.  The Communities feature also allows businesses in all industries to have a place to find individuals and businesses with the same niche hence if you are interested in learning or sharing more, then Google+ is the perfect platform for you.


CHECK OUT Our AWESOME Videos on YouTube
YouTube is known to be the largest video-sharing social network with over 6 billion hours of video watched on a monthly basis; with that, we can see that there is an opportunity for your business to reach audiences.  Although YouTube’s demographics are of every age bracket – it still leans toward the young ones. YouTube has an average of about 18-34 adult users. Social video in today’s world is an effective way for businesses to connect with their audience.
What to share?
It can be just a video of a simple overview of your business and what you offer, you can
also create a series about your products and services applied on daily lives. It can also be a video of customer feedbacks. Basically, anything you can think of that can catch interest of viewers to the point of them sharing it.
Post Frequency:
Once or twice a week
• Shorter videos work well because of two reasons – user’s attention span and loading
time. Go for the 3-minute or below mark as advised.
• Focus on how you promote your video, give importance on the production value whether informing viewers about your business or about your products and services – make it fun and informative at the same time.
Which businesses should be in YouTube?
All businesses that are visually driven can benefit from YouTube especially those with
products/services targeting the customers in 18-34 age-demographic, this is because you
can take advantage of the fact that it is free and it allows users to watch your videos and engage with you and others by liking, commenting and sharing it with their friends.

icon-snapchatGet Behind the Scenes with us on Snapchat:
The platform lets users mix photographs and videos and employ creative tools like fonts, filters, digital crayons, and more. That rich media experience (as well as the large audience of devoted followers) can make Snapchat an appealing marketing avenue for the right small businesses. But it’s not as easy as importing content from other sites. Every social media platform is different, and Snapchat is perhaps the most different of all and maybe the hardest to figure out.  People love to get a look behind the scenes of companies and people they care about. According to businesses already on the platform, Snapchat can be a great place to tease followers with a sneak peek into your operation. And because Snapchat offers an immersive video experience, it can be more powerful than a simple Tweet or Instagram photo.  Snapchat is a glimpse into the lifestyle of your company.  We mostly use Snapchat to promote behind-the-scenes clips.  We have a lot of fun at work so we want people to see that.  We shot an ad for the Glitz-N-GLAM Company last week but that edit won’t get released for eight months. On Snapchat it’s easy for people to watch and see how cool that is. They wonder how we’re filming and what it’ll look like in the end.
Post Frequency:
As often as you wish daily.
•  One of the most unique things about Snapchat is the ephemeral components of all the content that gets shared on it. Photos and videos essentially disappear a few seconds after they’ve been viewed by their recipients.  Unlike other social networks, which keep your content online forever unless you decide to delete it, Snapchat’s disappearing content makes online interaction feel more human and a little more grounded in the present moment.
•  Snapchat Stories are groups of images or videos that don’t vanish after the usual 1 to 10 seconds.  Snapchat stories are available for 24 hours and can be viewed repeatedly until the time limit is up. Afterward, the photos and/or videos disappear.
Which businesses should be in Snapchat?
In order to inspire brand loyalty we would recommend that every business showcase their behind-the-scenes day-to-day operations and communicate frequently with their customers on a more personal level using the Snapchat app.

To conclude, hopefully with this guide, you are able to decide on which platform is best for your business. You can focus on two platforms – one where there is a large audience with your target demographics and where there is a better sales return. Also look at the
possibility of other platforms having new features that can help boost your business so you can keep up and cover all bases.




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