The Magic of Brand Storytelling & STORYDOING!

Confusius say, “Master the Art of Storytelling & STORYDOING!”  

Brand Storytelling has evolved to include ‘storydoing.’  You either walk inside your story and own it OR you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.

The Magic of Brand Storytelling & Storydoing

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Branding is the magic gem that makes customers LOVE buying from a particular company.  Successful brands create an EMOTIONAL BOND with customers so they do not have to sell on price alone.  If there is no branding = no love, no recall and no value.. .

For example, there are a lot of coffee shops around but people LOVE Starbucks because of their emotional attatchment to the Starbucks brand and the coffee culture they have developed.  So, Starbucks can charge a premium for their products.  Think about it – they’re not selling on price.  If you want cheap – go to your local grocery store to buy pastries and coffee.  If you want Starbucks – you’re going to have to pay whatever they charge.  And here’s the beautiful thing – people are only too happy to pay.  Why?  Because they love their Starbucks!

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Branding creates loyal customers for every business…  not just products.  Branding is the magic that essentially makes your customers want to buy your products/services over your competitors.  However; there are many misconceptions on the evolving topic of brand storytelling.  Traditionally, advertising was based on a one-way flow of information:  from brand to customer.  And although brand storytelling has been around a long time, it’s newfound prominence is of course directly linked to the rise of social media and to the very public conversations about brands and experiences with brands.  So a brand story is no longer just a catchy tagline to attract fleeting attention in the moment.  It is not just a marketing technique – it is a philosophy – your attitude on how you approach business.  It’s not just about how you communicate the messages that you want to send – it’s about how you conduct and lead your business,  it’s how you treat your customers and who you are as people running that business.  You cannot shine a light on the outside if there is no fire on the inside.  Your story is now the foundation – the heart – of your brand.  If you aspire to be a premium brand you have to have a good story – a relatable story that’s true and authentic to your values.  By adding your voice to clarify your mission:  what truly drives your business or brand – by bringing that fire ~ the passion of your craft ~ you build emotional engagement.  So when your business or organization is story-driven, and it’s grounded in a framework of purpose based on the principals of humanity, authenticity and service, it inspires brand loyalty and leads to a solid plan for achieving paramount success and longevity.  It enables you to adapt in times of change because you understand that your story is bigger than any short-term marketing or sales goal.

And times are continually changing and often unpredicatable.  From a time when authorship of your brand’s story was a static element that came down from the corporate head offices and placed in the ‘About Us’ page of a company’s website, is now the chief dynamic force driving – or stalling – the success of every business.  And the authorship now sits in real-time conversations and live engagements with those who actively experience your brand – your fans and followers.  And with every great story comes twists, turns and surprises!  Your story now includes your ‘brand’s journey’.  Therefore, you cannot expect to write the polished version of your story before your journey even begins.  And so, we have evolved to ‘Storydoing’, where we start with an outline – a gameplan – but we realize that along the road to success we must be changeable and adaptable.  Success coach, Tai Lopez expresses this ‘must have’ intangible quality in his “67 Steps -The Mental Frameworks of Success“.  He reads from Professor Megginson’s work, written around 1963 in a lecuture he did entitled, “Lesson’s from Europe for American Business,”

Yes, change is the basic law of nature. But the changes wrought by the passage of time affects individuals and institutions in different ways. According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. Applying this theoretical concept to us as individuals, we can state that the civilization that is able to survive is the one that is able to adapt to the changing physical, social, political, moral, and spiritual environment in which it finds itself.

Times Are Changing

This is a fumdemental of success.  “To go far and be impactful you must be changeable, adaptable and able to move on a dime.” ~ Tai Lopez.  And to make more dimes in today’s new world, Confusius say:  “Master the Art of Storytelling AND STORYDOING!”  Your story will be unique to you, your brand experiences mixed with the experiences you are trying to create.  Such is life! =)  You either walk inside your story and own it OR you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.  Which means, if all you’re doing is marketing – you’re doing it wrong.  Storytelling works because you’re sharing a memory, or a lesson or you’re inspiring someone with your story.  Rather than just selling, you’re giving something of value.  Storydoing offers the opportunity to talk with your audience – not at them.  People can’t help but want to be part of your story and that’s how marketing can happen in a natural way with organic engagements and love for your brand!

Effective Content Marketing is about Mastering the Art of Storytelling AND Storydoing.

Confusius say:  “Facts tell but stories sell.”

Facts Tell But Stories Sell


Tier #1

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Confusius say:  “Your story is the foundation of your brand.”  That’s why we start here.

Brand Journey


Tier #2

Effective content marketing is about Mastering the Art of Storytelling AND Storydoing.  Don’t leave the conquest of strategic execution up to chance and experimentation through trials and errors.  For a success story that inspires brand loyalty and longevity invite the Masters to embark on your journey with you to collaberate and efficaciously showcase your brand in the utmost stellar and unparalleled definition of aesthetics and celebrated in premiere light.  You want to be a ‘chart-buster‘, a ‘record breaker‘, a ‘HIT‘ in your niche/field?  Confusius say, “It is wise practice to deligate, implement and work in team efforts to amplify and expidite advancement.”  A very wise man!  Which in turn means, while you are working hard in all areas of your business, it is virtually impossible to be proficient in every aspect that it takes to run a successful company and that’s why business owners hire third party experts.  Marketing Ninja Master understands the concern that arises when you’re searching for credible assistance with your brand outside of your company, who can you trust will care enough to be an asset and bring value to your business?  We are that ‘One-Stop Shop’, the ‘CHAMPION’ Agency both credible and trustworthy, who are dedicated to aquiring the results of organic engagements and brand #LOVE.  This is your opportunity to capitialize by incorporating our swift Marketing Ninja Master skills to score efficiency and good fortune!  We will create or develop upon your brand’s story using the elements outlined below.

Here is where we:

  • Determine your business’s U.S.P.
  • Brand Positioning
  • Establish the difference between your product/service features vs. brand benefits – thereby highlighting your brand’s ’emotional’ triggers
  • And many more social strategies to help develop and define your brand’s story crafted exclusively to address your business’s unique needs and goals


Confusius say:  “To grow your business – grow your e-mail list.”  


Tier #3

Building an e-mail marketing list is one of the most valuable investments that a business can make.  The return on investment is unparalleled.  The more relevant users you have on your e-mail list, the better chance you have of increasing conversions.  The Marketing Ninja Master’s understand that creating and growing such a list is of the utmost importance and craft specifically targeted call-to-actions unique to every individual campaign’s goals.

Here is where we:

  • Place Sign-Up forms through-out your Website / Blog
  • Use Pop-Up Windows to get people’s attention
  • Hold CONTESTS And FREE Giveaways!
  • Offer your customers e-mail ONLY Specials
  • Include Social Share
  • Reward Customers for getting a Friend to Sign-Up
  • And many more advanced e-mail marketing techniques that will make reaching customers easier while increasing brand awareness and conversions.

Growing an email marketing list can be time-consuming and requires the allocation of valuable resources.  However, the payoff of a well cultivated list of potential customers that can be reached directly is well worth the effort.  Additionally, you won’t have to build subscriber lists from scratch.  As an ORANGE BELT Level client you have the option of sponsoring Marketing Ninja Master’s Annual “What’s Your Passion Challenge” which rewards you with access to various groups of potential customers within our own extensive e-mail list who show interest in the types of products/services that your business is offering.




Tier #4 

Handing over the reins of your social accounts can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve been successful managing social media up until this point.  However; utilizing our services is GUARANTEED to be extraordinarily beneficial, substancially lucrative and save you a whole lot of time to focus on other important tasks…  (like improving on your golf swing!)  Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!  An absolutely RISK-FREE Investment with NO CONTRACTS OR long-term obligations…  That’s how confident we are that you are going to LOVE the results!

There are so many ‘Social Media Experts’ who will promise you the moon!  Beware.  You’ll spend thousands of dollars and quickly learn that there are plenty of ways to scoop up followers in bulk, but these usually aren’t the tactics that will actually help your business grow.  More often than not, they’ll lead to large numbers of valueless followers, who don’t know or care about your business.  And that’s what makes Marketing Ninja Master different from the rest.

Here is where we:

  • Choose the right platforms and/or conduct an audit of your current social media channels.  One of the golden rules of social media is to dedicate to a select mix of channels and do them really well!

Are you still fairly new to the world of social media?  We offer some start-up guidance in a previous blog post Guide: The Best Social Media Platforms for your Business

  • Develop and implement an online marketing strategy according to your business goals and challenges that will increase brand awareness to your target market(s) thereby reinforcing your brand’s story and mission.
  • Closely monitor and measure the success of individual campaigns and strategies according to new trends, new techniques and new technologies.  It is imperative that your digital marketing be continually refreshed and up-to-date with current trends and be truely original with unique content that is genuine to your brand.
  • And many more marketing strategies that will be unique to individual businesses and organizations accordingly ~ your brand’s journey will be exclusively sui generis, à la mode and nonpareil!  =)

Not only will we amplify your campaigns to drive targeted and organic traffic across your website, we will coordinate social media campaigns alongside content creation, product launches and other important milestones to amplify, reach and impact.  We are committed to excelling your business with kick-ass social strategies to WIN organic engagements from valued customers who will fall in #LOVE with your brand!


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