Meet August 2017 WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS Chris Beshiri of “The Mighty Cob!”  You are our August 2017 WINNER for our Annual “What’s Your Passion CHALLENGE”.  You ROCKED IT!

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We caught up with Chris and his SUPER cool co-worker vibing at the Collingwood Elvis Festival.  Our enthusiastic WINNER was grooving to the legendary tunes of The King of Rock ‘N Roll while serving up the most scrumptious, sweetest roasted corn on the cob we’ve ever chomped into!  Upbeat and sprightly, we couldn’t resist requesting to capture his energy while he was doing his thang!  View his WINNER PHOTO Gallery!  ENJOY!

There were many outstanding LIVE performances from the Elvis impersonators as they competed at the Collingwood Elvis Festival 2017!  Check out one of our favorites of the day in the video below starring heart throb James Gibb as he performs the classic song ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.  He steals the hearts of his audience with that voice, those dance moves and those baby blue eyes!  PLAY TO WIN in our interactive QUIZ!  A FREE Gift for participating!  Elvis told you that you can do a lot of things to him but whatever you do don’t step on his Blue Suede Shoes!  How much do you know about this song?  Test your knowledge and have fun! =)

P.S.  This video is compatible on most mobile devices.  If you are having trouble you can watch the video and PLAY the Interactive QUIZ TO WIN by following this link:
PLAY TO WIN! Blue Suede Shoes: Interactive QUIZ  

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A few slick ninja corn prep moves, and a rollicking bounce in his step with a spin here and there we were like, “Elvis who… ?”  Lol  Just kidding!  But these guys really did steal the show by making our day that much more entertaining!  BRAVO!

Service with a smile and a shake, rattle ‘n roll we have to give a BIG KUDOS! to ever-so charming Chris of the Mighty Cob!  Making your aquaintance was mighty groovy!  Thank you for making our ‘Mighty Cob’ experience legendary!

Passion CHALLENGE August 2017
I shall drench you in glorious rich melted butter from top to bottom!

Above is a photo of Chris carefully painting the hot melted butter all over Kristen’s Mighty Cob like he is creating a master piece!  This Mighty Chef was surprisingly caught off guard however…

Passion CHALLENGE August 2017
The things that make you go hmmmmmm…?

when I blurted out, “Ohh no butter on mine please!”  Just capturing the excusez-moi look on his face was priceless!  You can tell ~ right in this moment, he was thinking , “Come again lady??  But EVERYONE knows that’s the BEST part!”

Passion CHALLENGE August 2017

Find the Mighty Cob tents at most major events around the city from May 1st – Nov 30th.  Their EVENTS Calendar is available via the SCHEDULE link on their peachy keen website  Should you happen to find Chris there you can CONGRATULATE him for being one of the 12 lucky runner-ups for the GRAND PRIZE $5,000 in PRIZES courtesy of The Glitz-N-GLAM Company!  STAY TUNED as we announce NEW Monthly WINNERS and VOTE for your favorite!  YOU COULD BE NEXT!  Get more detaili-o’s about the What’s Your Passion CHALLENGE 2018 and how YOU CAN ENTER!

 Good luck and have fun! =)


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