Meet September 2017 WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Khana Sutra Restaurant!  You are our September 2017 WINNER for Our Annual “What’s Your Passion CHALLENGE”.  You delighted us!

Meet September 2017 WINNER!

The Khana Sutra Restaurant is a prime example of one of the many marvelous reasons why I love living in the GTA!  The diversity of this great city brings this oasis; a mini escape, of exotic tastes and traditions of far away lands so close to home.  The vibrant colours of the restaurant coupled with the elegant decor create an exquisite ambiance.  The amorous water fountain in the lobby; with it’s free floating lily pads, is the perfect romantic decor that makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into an enchanted new world!

“Khana Sutra showcases classic Indian cuisine for the 21st century with a path-breaking contemporary menu.”

Upon being warmly welcomed, we began our culinary journey by leafing through their charmingly whimsical menu.  Presented in a handsomely bound hard-cover book unconventionally adorned with playful animated characters of food dressed-to-the-nines, enjoying an enchanted evening filled with music and magic!

Meet September 2017 WINNER!
These gussied-up delightful animations grace each page of the extensive and appetizing authentic menu, lending a truly unique conversational piece to the table.

“Khana simply means food in India.  Sutra is a collection of aphorisms or proven truths in the form of a manual that in ancient India were written down in books of palm leaves sewn together with thread.

Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love play on” And Khana-Sutra adds, “If food be the music of life eat on”

So we bring together good food and good music.”

A perfect representation of this restaurant!  We love how the Khana Sutra Restaurant has stepped into their story and owned it!  This restaurant is a choice example of a small business implementing The Magic of Brand Storytelling & STORYDOING!

In a previous post we discuss the concept of Brand Storytelling and how it has evolved to include Storydoing…  And although brand storytelling has been around a long time, it’s newfound prominence is of course directly linked to the rise of social media and to the very public conversations about brands and experiences with brands. It is not just a marketing technique – it is a philosophy – your attitude on how you approach business.  It’s not just about how you communicate the messages that you want to send – it’s about how you conduct and lead your business,  it’s how you treat your customers and who you are as people running that business.  You cannot shine a light on the outside if there is no fire on the inside.

And HOT DANG!  It’s ROARING inside of the Khana Sutra Restaurant!  The courteous owners were merrily buzzing around and very much out on the floor to greet, appease and befriend thier customers.  Otherwise, they were hands-on helping out in the kitchen, behind the bar, or joining in the festivities of the evening and jamming with the band!  The fun-loving atmosphere they’ve conspired is exhilarating!  They host live music from Wednesdays to Sunday evenings; showcasing an array of talented local performers and featured headliners performing everything from Hindi, Bollywood and Romantic Ghazals.  And if you enjoy singing and would like to stand up in front of their spirited patrons to sing, they will gladly let you do so.  On this exquisite evening, we were cheerfully entertained by a couple of local performers.

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While being entertained with the traditional Indian melodies being played by the cheerful musicians, we delighted in some of the authentic tastes of India.

We started with a most delectable appitizer ~ The Bharwaan Tandoori Mushroom ~ Mushroom caps stuffed with a cheesy brunnoise of garlic, herbs & nutmeg coated with spicy marinade and cooked to perfection.

Meet September 2017 WINNER!

Our main dishes consisted of two different styles of curry to share, with a generous helping of warm garlic naan delivered in a darling little wagon.  Even the presentation was endearing!  The vegetarian dish we tried and applaud was ~ The Saag Paneer ~ Finely chopped spinach and cottage cheese prepared in garlic and tomato.  And the meat dish of choice on this night was the savory ~ Shehnai Ghosht ~ Tender lamb, pot roasted with cardamom & a fragrant herb flavored sauce.

Another amiable reason to bring your amore here for date night is that most of the items on the menu are meant to be shared.  Otherwise, the restaurant was mostly filled with large groups celebrating birthdays and other special occassions.  We didn’t even have to look at the dessert menu as pieces of birthday cake were being graciously delivered by children from other tables as if we were part of their party.  That has never happened before at any restaurant I’ve ever been to in Toronto ~ where strangers from neighboring tables graciously bestow food as an invitation to join in their festivities.  I absolutely loved the warm, welcoming, family atmosphere as everyone began to mingle to the lively music and make new friends. =)

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If you have never tried authentic Indian food before and you’re not sure about going all-in for dinner, I would recommend trying their Executive Lunch Special.  That’s how I happened upon this little treasure of a restaurant!  At a price that simply can’t be beat they offer two choices ~ The Maharani Platter~ {Vegetarian} And ~ The Maharaja Platter ~ {Non-Vegetarian} Traditional Royal Platters served with Chef’s Special Appetizer, 3 Curries and Raita, Zafrani Pulao, Naan and Salad.  Chef’s Special Dessert. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the food and the price!  And don’t be surprised if by the end of lunch you’ve already met most of the family!  It is fairly quite during the lunch hours and has become a favorite go-to spot for “executive” business meetings.  Especially with their big comfy chairs!

I was kind of sad when the music stopped and the night had finally come to an end.  I felt like I had just participated in a fun, family function and it seemed like everyone had spent the entire evening there enjoying the music and each other’s company.  Therefore; on busy nights, I highly recommend making a reservation.  They do not rush their customers out the door.  In fact, most of the tables lingered ~ enjoying coffees and deserts while delighting in the music and good company long after they had finished their main courses.  For Reservations Call (905) 789-7999 OR visit

Meet September 2017 WINNER!

For a memorable evening of charm, enchantment and delish dishes fit for a King (AND QUEEN!) we encourage you to book your next party at The Khana Sutra Restaurant!  Should you happen to make acquaintance with the owners you can CONGRATULATE them for being one of the 12 lucky runner-ups for the GRAND PRIZE $5,000 IN PRIZES courtesy of The Glitz-N-GLAM Company!  STAY TUNED as we announce NEW Monthly WINNERS and VOTE for your favorite!  YOU COULD BE NEXT!  Learn more about the What’s Your Passion CHALLENGE 2018 and how YOU CAN ENTER!

Good luck and have fun! =)


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