Meet December 2017 WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS to Katharina Castell!

You are our December 2017 WINNER for Our Annual “What’s Your Passion CHALLENGE”.  A beautiful young lady who is passionate about Elvis Presley!

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Recently we were fortunate to be invited to a very special event called “A Purple Christmas,” organized to help raise awareness for the Epilepsy Society of Canada and particularly for a beautiful young Miss Katharina Castell.  Katharina has been struggling with this debilitating disease since birth.  We heard about her story as the emcee, Bruno Nesci and his lovely wife spoke about her illness and the trouble she has experienced.

There were tons of exciting, organized activities like awesome door prizes, silent auctions, 50/50 and raffle draws!  To add extra flavor to this event, Valentina Chastain, hostess of The Passion CHALLENGE, joined in with a bevy of beauties adorned as christmasy pin-up girls to entertain the guests.  Their christmasy pin-up dresses were courtesy of The Glitz-N-GLAM Company available at

Eric Evangelista and Bruno Nesci, Elvis Fest Champions, owned the stage singing the classics while the crowd danced and sang along.  Our lil’ darling Katharina was delightfully surprised with many Christmas gifts and tickets and trips to upcoming Elvis Festivals!  In these hectic days where the world seems to be moving so fast it was so refreshing to take an evening to reflect and rejoice on the past and share as a community.  A community looking to simply make a special young lady’s dreams come true…  a truly magical event!

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